Figuren Name
     0a    Partner / Corner
     0b    Heades / Sides
     0c    Couple # 1-4
     0d    Boys / Girls
     0e    Centers / Ends
     1     circle left / circle right
     1a    8 dancers
     1b    4 dancers
     1c    2 dancers (single circle)
     2     forward & back
     3     dosado / dosado to a wave
     4     swing
     5a    couples promenade (full, 1/2, 3/4)
     5b    single file promenade
     5c    promenade inside
     5d    promenade wrong way
     5e    1/n promenade
     5f    star promenade
     6     allemande left
     7a    right arm turn
     7b    left arm turn
     8a    right & left grand
     8b    right pull by
     8c    left pull by
     8d    weave the ring
     8e    wrong way grand
     9a    left hand star
     9b    right hand star
     9c    (H/S) star in the middle
    10     pass thru
    11a    half sashay
    11b    roll away
    11c    ladies in, men sashay
    11d    men in, ladies sashay
    12a    U turn back
    12b    backtrack
    13a    separate around 1 or 2 to a line
    13b    separate around 1 or 2 and come down the middle
    13c    separate, meet
    14     split two
    15     courtesy turn
    16a    2 ladies chain
    16b    4 ladies chain
    16c    2 ladies chain 3/4)
    16d    4 ladies chain 3/4)
    16e    End Ladies Chain Diagonal
    16f    chain down the line
    17a    dopaso
    17b    dopaso to …
    18a    lead right
    18b    lead left
    19a    veer left
    19b    veer right
    20     bend the line
    21a    named dancers circulate
    21b    couples circulate
    21c    all 8 circulate
    21d    single file circulate
    21e    split circulate
    21f    box circulate
    22     right & left thru
    23     grand square
    24     star thru
    25     double pass thru
    26     first couple go left/right, next go ...
    27     california twirl
    28     walk around the corner / left hand lady
    29     see saw (taw)
    30a    square thru (1, 2, 3, 4)
    30b    left square thru  (1, 2, 3, 4)
    31     circle to a line
    32     dive thru
    33     wheel around / reverse wheel around
    34     box the gnat
    35a    named dancers trade
    35b    couples trade
    35c    partner trade
    36     Formation: Ocean Wave
    36a    Step to a wave / step thru
    36b    Balance
    37     Alamo Style / Ring Formation
    38a    swing thru
    38b    left swing thru
    39a    boys/girls run
    39b    ends/centers run
    39c    cross run
    40     pass the ocean
    41     extend (from 1/4 tag only)
    42a    wheel and deal: line of 4
    42b    wheel and deal: 2-faced lines
    43     zoom
    44a    flutterwheel
    44b    reverse flutterwheel
    45     sweep a quarter (1/4)
    46     trade by
    47     touch 1/4 / left touch 1/4
    48     ferris wheel
    49     cloverleaf
    50     turn thru / left turn thru
    51     eight chain thru / eight chain 1, 2, 3, etc
    52     pass to the center
    53     Thar Family
    53a    Allemande Thar
    53b    Allemande Left to an Allemande Thar
    53c    wrong way thar
    54     slip the clutch
    55a    shoot the star
    55b    shoot the star full around
    56a    single hinge
    56b    couples hinge
    57     centers in
    58     cast off 3/4
    59     spin the top
    60     walk and dodge
    61     slide thru
    62a    fold
    62b    cross fold
    63a    dixie style to an ocean wave
    63b    dixie style to an OW (double track)
    64     spin chain thru
    65     Tag The Line Family
    65a    tag the line (in, out, left, right)
    65b    fraction (1/4, 1/2, 3/4 tag)
    66     scoot back
    67     recycle (from a wave only)